Hot Item girl: Sanya Shrivatsava

Jul 20 ,2012 18:27 PM
  • Sanya Shrivatsava1

    Sanya Shrivatsava1

    Though not popular in most national films Sanya Shrivatsava is a very popular actress in Bhojpur films. Well known to the crowd with her item girl roles in b-grade movies, this curvy girl revealing just enough of her assets would definitely tease you enough to catch more of her.

  • Sanya Shrivatsava2

    Sanya Shrivatsava2

    Her latest photoshoot, where she dons a pink scanty fabric while exposing her stunningly hot body, definitely leaves you ogling at her. Take a peek.

  • Sanya Shrivatsava3

    Sanya Shrivatsava3

    Wet hair and attitude while facing the camera coupled with the sexy curves are what it take to be popular as a hot Item girl

  • Sanya Shrivatsava4

    Sanya Shrivatsava4

    Don't be fooled by these innocent looks for they are only honey traps to lure you!

  • Sanya Shrivatsava5

    Sanya Shrivatsava5

    A hot girl showing just enough skin and playing with her wet hair can definitely take down any man

  • Sanya Shrivatsava6

    Sanya Shrivatsava6

    perfect isn't she in this titillating pose

  • Sanya Shrivatsava7

    Sanya Shrivatsava7

    Seems like Sanya is getting restless here; well so are we!

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