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Silky yet clean hair for men!

Posted: 11/01/2013 05:17 PM IST

Silky yet clean hair for men!

1. Go for a wash of your hair that's because not washing your hair is in reality happens to be the best way of keeping your hair healthy. On the contrary that will surely cause disturbing moment in regard to supporting your hair. At the same time dirt gets trapped in your hair. Just try washing your hair once every three days. Be aware of the fact that this has nothing to do with delaying your body bathing schedule. Rather one can actually keep our natural oils in our hair.

2. While undergoing washing of your hair use a shampoo that detangles your hair, neglect using 2 in 1 shampoos due to the reason that it will make your hair washing very confusing. Preferably even if you are not child, consider using children shampoos it is much better and affective than adult shampoos.

3. There is a need to condition your hair. That doesn't mean conditioning your roots, otherwise anywhere around your scalp rather condition the deeper parts of you hair.

4. There must be consideration towards growing out your hair. Nearly 1-3 inches would make this appear wonder.  But going under that is too short to make silky, anything under 1 inch long will most likely be rough. Keep in mind long hair is not stylish for men, but it is very common to have hair that is 1-3 inches.

5. Don’t forget to brush your hair once a day during the morning.

6. Neglect any direct heat, even though this tends to be a problem with girls due to hair straightening. On the contrary, men should not use hair dryers rather you should towel dry your hair.

Special Tips:

Repeat the wash cycle once every three days, though when showering you should always rinse your hair, regardless of weather you are doing the wash cycle or not.

When grooming your hair, use either a come or better yet and more affective especially if you have curly hair, a rubber tip brush.

Source : Wiki How  


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