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Irritating Eye

Posted: 05/20/2013 10:02 AM IST

There can be very few things that are more troubling than a speck of dust in your eye. Clearing it could be a double edged sword. You might get the dust out and harm your eye in the process. Flushing with water cannot always work since, water which has a different pH than saline/ tear drops, could aggravate the irritation. Using your hands can bring your eye in contact with more irritants.

In such times, take a bowl big enough to fit your whole face. Fill it with 2/3rds water and bury your face in it. Blink your eye rapidly inside the water. The particle should soon dislodge from the eye and fall into the bowl.

Note: Ensure that the bowl is clean by washing it out to remove any foreign material which may exacerbate existing problems.

(AW- Anil)

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