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Stay safe in a crowd

Posted: 07/05/2013 06:16 PM IST

Traveling through a big city is not easy at most times. One is at risk of many mishaps like stealing and trouble with bad crowds. Note down a few tips to keep yourself safe when out.

Avoid deserted areas, particularly at night. If it is necessary to pass through one such area, try to hide any tickets or information that can reveal details about your destination. Use ATMs only during the day.

Do not take lifts from doubtful commuters and do not share taxis with strangers. Keep very little cash in your purse or wallet.

Don't stand for too long in a single place, walk as if you have somewhere to go. Try and wear clothes that will allow blending in with the local crowd instead of bringing attention to one person. In case someone seems to be noticing you more than once, move away.

Wear minimal jewelery and refrain from displaying expensive chains too obviously. Keep emergency numbers of cops and hospitals always on you.

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