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Tips to kiss right

Posted: 08/19/2013 06:39 PM IST

Kissing can be the most intimate of experiences. For some, it is akin to the act of intercourse itself. That's the power of a good kiss. But how to kiss right? For an unforgettable kissing moment, remember these precious tips.

When the moment is right, kissing should start slowly. Do not, at any cost, jump into it with your tongue all over the partner's mouth. It is a huge turn off. Instead, start with just the lips without any sloppy touches.

While on that, make use of your hands sensually on the partner's body. It could be the back, the arms or the waist, somewhere you can trace invisible lines.

A kiss should start off with a little distance between the partners involved. The distance closes slowly as the kiss progresses, giving delicious feelings of intimacy. Good breath and perfume are a must for a memorable experience.

Keep interesting kissing techniques for later, as the initial reactions make way for further responses. Keep your partner comfortable at all times.

Cuddling and kissing are a wonderful means for bonding with your partners. Research confirms that couples who cuddle and kiss have more satisfied and stronger relationships.

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