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Australia invents video stamp!

Posted: 11/12/2013 11:11 AM IST

Surprising fact that Australia's mail service has introduced modern technology into the simple postage stamp while creating a video stamp intending to deliver a personal message that recipients can view on their mobile phone. In addition Australia Post said the Video Stamp would be distributed for free on some parcel services in the pre-Christmas period. It happens to be the world's first to allow users to send a 15 second personalised video along with their packages.

Mr Richard Umbers, executive general manager of parcel and express services added that  Christmas is a time when people want to be accompanying their loved ones yet more numbers friends and family are scattered across the country and around the globe. Australia Post has always helped people connect. This year they are doing beyond ever to eliminate the undue severity of distance. The Video Stamp lets us send a little piece of our-self accompanying our gift this Christmas. Interestingly, the stamp that's distributed free with Express Post and Express Courier International products in precedence of Christmas since Monday can be accessed through a smartphone.


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