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Chromebook 11 sales come to stoppage!

Posted: 11/14/2013 05:30 AM IST | Updated: 07/14/2014 06:12 PM IST

Google and Hewlett-Packard are stopping sales of their recently released Chromebook 11 computer in succession to some users reported the device's charger has been overheating. aAdditionally, an expression of precaution announced during Wednesday know to have come little beyond a month subsequent to Google Inc and Hewlett-Packard Co revealed the Chromebook 11 to be much affordable alternative to laptop computers characterized with similar features.

The Chromebook has a display screen that measures 29.5cm diagonally and sells for US$279. Google says it is working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission on how to fix the overheating issue with the Chromebook's charger. At the present moment, Google is recommending people who already bought the Chromebook 11 to use other USB chargers that fit the computer. Its also known that the Chromebook 11 can also be re-charged with power cords that work with many mobile devices.


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