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Establish your right personality with a right dress...

Posted: 07/06/2012 10:28 AM IST

If you want to look good then it is important that you dress right. Perfect attire has several attributes that one must take into account and these include the shape of your body and your personality as well as other factors like accessories, styles, makeup and the season.

The first aspect that you should consider while choosing a dress is the shape of your body. For example, small and delicate women should consider Dress Properly that are made of smooth fabric and, which taper towards the end with belts and not go in for large prints or heavy dresses. Similarly, those with a large bust should wear clothes that take the attention away from the chest region, like short skirts, trousers, bold colors and fabrics. If you want to appear slim then you should choose the same color all across while people with a pear shaped body should go in for lined skirts that fall below the knee. Rectangular shaped women should wear fabrics that have patterns and a round neckline.

Secondly, your clothes should match your personality. Dressing according to your personality will help in creating the right look and impact. For example, an urban woman should dress in high street fashion while a sexy person should wear clothes that enhance her sensuality. Accessorizing your clothes is very important and more importantly you should choose the right kind of accessories to complement your clothes. Necklaces that are V shaped draws attention downwards while round shaped ones fills your neckline. Similarly, long earrings create a feeling of a longer neck while thin belts create a feeling of long legs.

Along with accessories, it is important to get the right look by using the right makeup. Using contrast colors will give that different look to your eyes. Similarly, using pale pink or gray lipstick will always go well and give that perfect look. Accessories also include carrying the right bag, which could be a leather purse for the day and a clutch purse or a shoulder bag for the night.

Moreover, your dress sense should reflect the tone of the season. Low cut necklines and soft fabrics along with glimmering makeup are good for summer and spring. However, in winter and autumn you should opt for knitwear, linen, leather or cotton and matte finish make up. Similarly, colors should be bold and bright in summers while in winter or fall it should be muted.

The next debate is regarding the choice between trousers and skirts as well as the correct cut and fit that suits different people. It is pertinent to note that small and delicate people should go for the slender cut while those with slender hips should completely avoid wearing flared or straight cut trousers or skirts. Long skirts go best with jumpers while short skirts are best teamed with blouses. Similarly, wearing heels can actually make you look slimmer than you are, so also a jacket.

Lastly, never mix styles or trends in your dressing as this will ruin the entire look. Accessorize minimally with jewelry and experience the elegant effect of the same. Wearing your regular clothes a little differently will help create a new look, so also will parting your hair differently or wearing a scarf as a belt. These tips along with the fact that you should plan and coordinate your dress everyday will ensure that you get that perfect look.

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