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First 3-D movie in Kannada: Kataari Veera Sura Sundaraangi

Posted: 05/09/2012 08:12 PM IST

'Kataari Veera Sura Sundaraangi' the first 3-D Kannada movie is going to be released tomorrow in 70 theatres and the movie's 2-D version will be released in more than 100 halls.

Munirathna, the producer has spent around Rs10 lakh for each theatre to enable the audience to watch the movie in a 3-D format.

Kataari Veera Sura Sundaraangi is not only expected to help Upendra regain his former glory but also ensnare audience in a riot of laughter.

Veera Sura Sundaraangi was initially slated for release on the same day as Puneeth Rajkumar's Anna Bond; but Manju objected.

"Munirathna had spent a lot to make Kataari Veera Sura Sundaraangi. I do not want him to incur losses by releasing Godfather the same day," Manju said.

"Manju received some prasada (money) from Prasad. I am happy to see him wishing me success,'' said Munirathna.

Sets of heaven and hell that were used during the shooting of the film, were installed in front of Narthaki theatre.(msn)

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