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Best tips to get rid of dark circles

Written by Nandishwarreddy.s   |   Posted: 04/06/2015 12:27 PM IST | Updated: 04/06/2015 12:39 PM IST

Dark circles are one of the commonest problems found in many women. It is more a cosmetic issue than a health concern. These circles will take the freshness of face and leave the person looking pale, ill and old. However, this impression of ill health or age may not be correct as the appearance is not necessarily the realty.

Always it is not good to cover those dark circles with make-ups but try these home remedies to get rid of them completely.

•    First advice given by doctors is to sleep well. Usually eight hours of sleep is mandatory for every man. Lots of sleep means less stress and thus less puffiness.
•    It is good to change your sleeping habits as well. Sleep on your back, elevating your head with one or more pillows. Gravity lets fluid buildup drain away.
•    If you have allergies take medicine to control it. Either it may be airborne or due to dust, tale necessary precautions to avoid them.
•    Daily exercise circulates blood throughout the body and the face, reducing puffiness. Concentrate on yoga too, which stimulates your breathing, leaving fresh skin.
•    To eradicate morning puffiness and bluish color, apply something that cools the skin and the capillaries beneath it which reduces swelling and making blood vessels less visible.
•    Manage your life to reduce stress. As stress releases cortisol, which causes puffiness and other undesired effects, arrange your life to reduce stress.
•    It is good to reduce sat in your food.
•    Drink as much of water as you can. As dehydration causes thin and sagging skin, stay hydrated by taking more liquids.
•    Eat healthy food. The best natural remedy to reduce dark circles is to take healthy food. Include plenty of green vegetables, fruits, spinach, carrots, brinjals, seasonal fruits, whole grains, legumes, eggs etc in your diet.

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