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Best tips to take care of tattoos

Written by Nandishwarreddy.s   |   Posted: 08/29/2015 04:37 PM IST

Tattooing is a kind of art that will stick in the body of person’s for life time. These days’ tattoos are more common than ever. But proper care must be taken to avoid tattooing problems. Here are tips on taking care of your new tattoo. Follow them and avoid tattoo related problems.

•    Using good quality tattoo after care products minimises threat of infection and helps to minimise scabbing.
•    Follow the instructions given by the tattooist as they know which method works best for his work, and for his customers.
•    As tattoo is open wound, keep it clean. Most tattooists recommend hand-washing the tattoo very carefully with an anti-bacterial soap and allow it to air dry.
•    Do not overdo the moisturizer as it needs to breathe if it's to heal properly.
•    Don't expose your tattoo to the sun for at least two weeks. UV radiations are not a good thing.
•    Do not soak your tattoo for at least two weeks after it’s been done, so avoid bathing or swimming.
•    Do not scratch it or play with it. One remedy for the itch is to lightly pat or slap it with a clean paper towel.
•    Avoid working out. Working out could also cause the skin to break and become irritated, extending the tattoos healing procedure.

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