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Twitter Reactions to Posters Warning Women Against Wearing Jeans...

Posted: 08/09/2012 02:50 PM IST

So now you have to think twice before you step out in your favourite pair of jeans! For all you know you may become a victim of an acid attack.

On Tuesday, posters came up in Ranchi warning women of acid attacks if they wore jeans and tops. The posters were put up by a group called the Jharkhand Mukti Sangh. While the State Women’s Commission chief Hemlata S Mohan is angry about the issue, the police have dismissed it as the work of miscreants. We won't be surprised if the so-called miscreants believe wearing jeans is an act of ‘provocation’.

Here's a look at some of the reactions that poured in on Twitter!

@inkdip If I were a girl and liked to

@newslaundry Maybe moral policing should be our national sport. Posters go up in Jharkhand threatening acid attack on women wearing jeans.

@funny-bone Is this ram rajya..? Girls wearing jeans in Ranchi face acid attack

@BarnitaB "Wear jeans and burn" a little gem of a warning to Ranchi's women from our country's forward thinking men


@kiranmanral Cry beloved country. "Posters warn women of acid attack for wearing jeans

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