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Difference Between Goal and Your Purpose

Posted: 05/02/2012 05:44 PM IST

There is absolutely no reason why we cannot set our goals which one would like to achieve over a certain period of time. There are really two types of goals that we can inspire after. The first for example we can set a goal to save to buy a car or maybe we would like to go overseas for a holiday within the next year or two, which would inspire us to save our money in order to fulfill that objective or goal so to speak. This is very beneficial to our personal characteristics as it teaches us how to become self-disciplined which in itself becomes a critical element in our personal development within our personality. The second type of goal can be attributed to our self-determination and perseverance which has been created by the social science called co-native functioning. It has to do with overcoming the obstacles that challenges us both physically and mentally in order for us to achieve these goals; these can be described as short-term likes or dislikes named goals, which has nothing significant to determine our personal purposes in life, but rather an ability to achieve a specific goal.

The other side of the coin and the most important part of living a happy fulfilled lifestyle is deeply embedded in our need to discover our personal purpose in life and thereby direct ourselves into channeling most of our efforts in fulfilling our passions and inspiration that are not focussed on other peoples achievements and goals but through understanding that we all are uniquely different, each having a personal purpose in life which would be expressed through a feeling of self-satisfaction by doing something we enjoy. The sad fact remains that different scholars have tried to enforce a theory that anyone can do anything they like and be satisfied. It is true that most of us can do whatever we would like to do, however not all us would reach a sense of satisfaction by functioning in an environment which is not in harmony with our purpose or talents; which play an integral part of our true personality or characteristics.

The differences between goals and purpose are really two different and separate human functioning elements, which need to be in harmony with each other. In other words you can have different short-term or long-term goals if you so please, but your personal purpose is based on the characteristics known as personal values which makes up who you are, which includes your likes or dislikes and your beliefs between what is right or wrong, good or bad. By grouping these various combination of harmonious values together it is easy to understand ones personal purpose in life.

In conclusion never let your goals ever be confused with purpose because goals are their to create levels of achievement, satisfactions, fulfillment and expectations which are all constructs that are outside of ourselves while personal values are characteristics that come together to give us real purpose in life; making up our unique personalities.

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