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Dark Knight Rises: Yes, truly!

Posted: 07/20/2012 07:30 PM IST

In what is said to be the greatest trilogy of the 21st century, the finale, Dark Knight Rises, lives up to the expectations or goes far beyond just enthralling the audience. Maverick Christopher Nolan has delivered as promised, for this has been his greatest story every told. The movie is definitely 4.5 on 5 to say the least.

Coming to the story, eight long years ago Batman had retired from the streets of Gotham. But he has to rise to the occasion when his city is in the clutches of terror and threats from Bane. How will it end? The anticipation is too high for this flick.

Christian Bale has done what he does best, playing Batman. With his sinister looking half mask, that allowed him to fight his own fears, he makes the overall flick more than worthy of the money shelled. You can never get enough of this Batman!

You might be a little disappointed that your favorite Joker, Heath Ledger is no more and this movie might fail to thrill you beyond your wits but surprisingly this movie is full of Batman and only him. The cat woman, Anne Hathaway, who is sexy smart does a good job on the screen as the jewel thief. For all those bad guy- loving movie goers. Tom Hardy, playing Bane is the one you are watching for. The true sinister who is the right mix of brains, evil thoughts and digitalized vocals to add to the effect.

The plot has been designed ingeniously, joining all the dots that were left over previously making the trilogy a perfect and complete movie. Watch the fast paced, almost three hour long movie, as you sit on the edge of your seats seeing the Batman make his way up, fully charged, struggling to rid Gotham of the evil and fulfill his dream of making it a crime-free city.

That is not all. Like all Batman movies, this finale has more than meagre action with mindblowing background scores and special effects. The bat mobile which had a major makeover, other batty antics, are worth another watch.

The saddest part of the movie though is that this is 'The End'; the end of the trilogy. Would there be another batman series that can make you this edgy? Not unless bohemian Nolan has something hiding in his sleeves! What are you waiting for, grab a coke and some pop corn to battle the suspense and the heart-stopping action in the movie.


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