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Study reveals junk food lowers IQ in kids

Posted: 08/09/2012 11:27 AM IST

We all have shunned (of have been trying in vain to shun) junk food from our regular diet but only for reasons of health and preventing obesity. But with the latest studies you only have more reasons to do so. A new study has claimed that junk food like colas, crisps and chips would reduce the intelligence quotient in kids, slightly but significantly.

University of Adelaide has conducted a survey with the help of its researchers and has found that children who have been restricted to healthier diets have a greater IQ than those who had heavy junk food breakfasts or even lunches.

The link between the eating habits of children at six months, 15 months and two years, and their IQ at eight years of age was observed and studied by Dr Lisa Smithers of the University's public health department. The study involved more than 7000 children with a vast range of dietary patterns which had also covered traditional home made foods, ready made baby foods, junk foods and breast fed children.

She said that the diet in the first two years would largely be used in the development of the tissues of the brain and the study aimed at the involvement of the foods in the IQ of the children. The study revealed that IQ was two points higher at the age of eight in children who have been breastfed for six months, and had a diet of healthy foods like legumes, cheese, fruits and vegetables after an year to the age of 24 months. On the other hand children who regularly had biscuits, chocolate, sweets, soft drinks and chips in the early ages had IQ that was two points lower at the age of eight.

They also said that ready made foods were not advisable in the early months while they had a positive effect at the 24 months. Though the differences weren't very large the study had established the evidence for the relations between a dietary pattern and the IQ in kids.

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