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Posted: 04/07/2012 03:19 PM IST   |   Updated: 04/07/2012 03:23 PM IST

Housefull – 2 :

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  • Film : Housefull - 2
  • Producer : Sajid Nadiadwala
  • Director : Sajid Khan
  • Star Cast : Akshay Kumar, John Abraham, Riteish Deshmukh, Shreyas Talpade, Asin, Jaqueline Fernandes, Zarine Khan, Shazhan Padamsee, Rishi Kapoor, Randhir Kapoor, Mithun Chakrabarthi and others…
  • Music Director : Sajid - Wajid
Rating: 3/5

Not to forget the out and out comedy, Houseful has created a year ago… right from the first frame of the film till the end credentials, the entire film was a treat for all those comedy lovers. Keeping the success of the film in mind, the sequel has made and released… did the sequel has managed to support the original version or not?

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Two Kapoor sons — one real, who is born out of duty Chintu (Rishi), the other born out of love Dabboo (Randhir) as they spell it out — share a love to hate relationship. So while the brothers compete with each other to get their daughters married to the richest boy, their animal-loving daughters fight for the same award for protection of animals, and not to be outdone their wives fight for the face lift and botox appointments at a cosmetic clinic. After Jai’s (Shreyas) father gets a heart attack on being insulted by Chintu Kapoor, the dutiful son vows to avenge his father’s condition. He gets in touch with Jolly (Riteish), whose father JD (Mithun) is supposedly the richest man in UK. Together they rope in Max (John) to pose as Jolly and promise marriage to Heena (Asin) and then back out of it at the last minute to hurt Chintu. But a confusion leads to Max promising marriage to Randhir for his daughter Bobby (Jacqueline) instead. So, then they hire Sunny (Akshay) for the job. Riteish meanwhile is in love with JLo (Zareen), and Shreyas with Parul (Shazahn). Both Rishi and Randhir end up believing that their prospective son-in-law is JD’s son Jolly. Also in the picture is Bakul (Boman) with whose daughter JD had promised to get his son married. Not only from here till the climax of the film, right from the first frame of the film, we end up encountering with comic situations hitting one after the other…

Analysis :


The narrative often seems lost between two extremes and opts for a middle-of-the-road settlement. Like despite its wacky sense of filmy humour, the movie gets unnecessarily melodramatic at times. For instance, after effectively pulling off a wicked womanizer character, you don't expect Ranjeet to give a sermon on true love. Or you don't anticipate that the venom-spewing stepbrothers would be seized by instant brotherly love in the climax. So just when you enjoy an element, its antidote kills the fun. And if you noticed, I never ever 'criticized' about lack of logic, et al. That's pardonable by now in the slapstick scheme of things, as far as the proceedings are funny. What I am talking about here is the basic grammar of the genre that gets jumbled up.

Performance :


Akshay scores major applause amongst the rest all in the film, could be because the actor has mastered the mantra of ‘timing’, and John’s not too far behind. With dialogues like George Michael ka toh pata nahin, but you can have faith in me and Brad ka to pata nahin, magar tere wajah se hum pit mein zaroor hain,’ he manages to make you smile even if at the sheer silliness of it all. Asin, Riteish and Shreyas show a natural knack for comedy too and are equally impressive as they keep up to the comic timing. Giving this Gen equal takkar are the three seniors, Rishi, Mithun and Randhir who seem at ease playing OTT fathers. Chunky, Boman and the rest do fairly okay too. Rest all girls and roles in the film, did their best as per the space given to them.

Final Word‘Houseful – 2’ another hilarious flick for all those comic film lovers….


Performance :

Final Word

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