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What not to say to your boyfriend

Posted: 07/27/2012 06:56 PM IST

It could be such that you are in love and you have your liberty to talk about anything to your boyfriend. He could be the coolest of the cool-heads in the world and yet he wouldn't appreciate a few things you say, though they may have a slight hint of truth to them. Here is a helping hand with six most common mistakes from the lady's side

You're a momma's boy! Is the last thing you want to say to your bf though it could be true. Boys may say that your manners and caring might resemble their mothers but try not bringing his mother in to your talks unless required. Well, unless you want to jeopardize the relationship.

Your friends are irritating. Never. Ever. Say. This. These exact words or even if you paraphrase them so they might not hurt him. All boys have a passion towards some sport and he maintains a gang of friends and girls cannot tolerate these two things with men. Don't tell your boyfriend that you don't like his friends because they take away your time with him or that you don't like him drinking with them. Trying to praise them on the other hand could worsen the situation.

You are always like this: Before even starting on this you probably should remember a proverb that says you are truly in love when you can love his imperfections. Strike any chords? Try and maintain a healthy relationship by sorting such trivial matters with youself first and then with your beau.

We need to talk: The mere sound of this causes an alarming temper. It clearly heralds to something that is seriously bad and men do not fancy any drama. You can just get to the point without saying this line and have a better outcome from the discussion. Better even, ask him out on a coffee; after all a lot can happen over coffee!

My Ex never did this is a line which is adding salt to injury. Your partner would already be slightly guilty for making you feel bad though he is not responsible directly. Compare him with another guy, especially with someone who was intimate with you earlier and you are bludgeoning his ego. What if he says "well, then just go back to your loving ex" ??

You are going bald: If your doing this to tease him and already have backup plans to make it up, you are relatively safe but you are in danger if you mean it. It is something he could't control completely. He like other men tried to put a check to his receding hairline but has not been successful. Men are completely conscious of their hair too. Let him decide for himself if he is going bald.

(AW- Anil)

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