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World's 5 deadliest roads

Posted: 08/06/2012 03:54 PM IST | Updated: 08/06/2012 04:14 PM IST

Do you like driving on the most dangerous roads? Are you always game for it? If yes, then these five roads might make you feel that driving on these roads is quite dangerous and can even send chills down your spine. Take a look at the top five deadliest roads in the world.

Death Road:


Located in Bolivia, the 70 kilometre long road from La Paz to Croica got named as Death Road since it's considered highly risky to drive on this road. In fact, every year, at least 300 travellers fall into the deep gorges and die. It occupies fifth place in world's extreme roads.

Guoliang Tunnel Road-China



Guoliang Tunnel Road in China is considered as one of the most deadliest roads in the world. This road was built by villagers and it reportedly took four years to complete the construction of road. The road is 1200 metre long in the tunnel. The tunnel height is five metres and width being four metres. The reports said that at least five workers died during the construction of the road.  The tunnel was opened to traffic in 1977.



Located in Norway, this road is also called as Troll Ladder. It exists in the mountain range of Rauma. There are eleven hairpin bends, which make this road not just a major tourist attraction but even one of the most dangerous roads. On top of the hillock, there's a parking lot, wherein drivers can park their vehicles and walk about a mile to view the panorama of the road.

Lena highway:



This is another deadliest road in the world, which is located in Russia. This is also known as Russian Highway from Hell. It's a dirt road of 600 miles long. Come rains, the road will be filled with slush and for travelers, it will be like a hell to cross 600 miles. It's advised not to take this road during summer or rainy reason. The best season would be winter wherein the slash froze.

Kabul road:


The road from Jalalabad to Kabul is another dangerous road in the world, which got 9.5 death rating out of 10. This road is 65 kilometres long and even passes through Taliban territory.   The road is elevated and there are deep gorges on one side of road.

So, if you are still thinking that driving is always a fun and are looking forward to driving on these roads then you should obviously be pulling up your sox for sure! Death traps may pull you into their laps even when you drive carefully on these roads, and that's the reason why they got labelled as world's extreme roads.

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