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Romancing the city of gardens

Posted: 07/03/2012 04:35 PM IST

Pleasant climate, cool people and awesome lifestyle-these three words best suit Bangalore, the garden city of India. But is there anything else beyond these three things that's making non-Karnataka students stick to city even after completing their education? Probably yes, say many Bangaloreans. Bangalore is a city, which makes anyone feel like their own home and this is one of the main reasons, apart from the three things cited above, why people literally fall in love with the city. One can find people from almost all states including north eastern states in Bangalore, which reflects unity in diversity besides the greatness Indian culture.


Ms. Swagatika Lingdow has been staying in Bangalore for more than 15 years and Bangalore Wishesh team asked as to what made her  reside at this place despite the heavy cost of living. She had an interesting answer. Ms. Lingdow said, she can get along with people here easily. “Initially I didn't know Kannada when I came down to this place in 1997 to pursue degree. But I never felt I was in a different state. Everyone in Bangalore knew English including most of the auto drivers. So, I never had a problem with language,” she added. Also, she said there were n number of Chinese restaurants in the city that serve authentic north eastern food.


Joy Das from Kolkata too had similar answers. He said he was being paid well and Bangalore was a city, which looked like foreign even in terms of lifestlye. The night life in Bangalore cannot be compared to the night life in other cities. It's totally classic here, he said. Another woman from Gujarat, who made Bangalore her home for more than a decade, questioned “Is there any second Brigade Road in any city?” “Tell me, I will go there,” she said. Bangalore Wishesh team had no answer as she gave an answer in the way of question.


Brigade Road in Bangalore is one of the best places in India. The beauty of the city lies in Brigade and MG Road stretch. The street makes one feel like he/she is in foreign. When you walk on MG Road, take a look at the road side garden, you would be awestruck. Sitting in the road side garden with your girl friend and watching the foreign cars zooming in and out of the road is a splendid experience. And when darkness falls, the streets would be filled with foreign bikes because that's the time the bikers in Bangalore will be busy showing their driving skills to the people on the footpaths who will be busy sipping teas during work breaks. So, a night shift would not be an issue to any Bangalorean. Step out of the office, and he/she will look at a different world altogether.


N number of cities might literally drag IT companies and jobs to their places,but they cannot pull scores of the people who have fallen in love with Bangalore, the city of gardens, the city filled with energy and the most beautiful city in the country for both travelers and settlers.



AW Phani

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