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Snake massage from Indonesia!

Posted: 11/05/2013 12:54 PM IST

While lying on a massage table at a spa in the Indonesian capital Jakarta, Feri Tilukay closed his eyes at the same time smiling while enjoying three gigantic snakes crawling with sliding motion all over him. He is one of a small band of customers brave enough to try the "snake massage", where the gentle hands of a professionally trained masseuse are swapped for the cold, scaly skin of six-foot (1.8-metre) pythons.


Additionally, Tilukay who's 31, told AFP, that it's a very extraordinary sensation. That's because the snakes slid over him during a recent session. He added that the treatment gives us an adrenaline rush.  Tilukay who was dressed only in a pair of shorts seem to have had a relaxing mood while the three reptiles did their wonderful massaging. They were named as Jasmine, Muscle and Brown.  

Do you have the guts to try once???

Image Source: Daily mail and stuffmagazine


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