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Garlic juice and mudpack can prevent acne

Posted: 08/03/2012 06:54 PM IST

Pimples are a common problem starting at around 10 years to 13 years of age and they can continue to trouble till the mid twenties in most people. There are many chemical and medical treatments available for the problems.

Some of them are not very safe or healthy for the skin and they are also very expensive. A laser surgery could cost around Rs 5000 to Rs 10,000 rupees while temporary measures like microdermabrasion could cost upto Rs 3000.

But you always have healthier home made remedies for the patient people who care more about health than a quicker treatment.

If you are being troubled by acne wash your face twice with a mild soap that matches your skin type and avoid using cosmetics as they can block the pores and exacerbate the existing problem. Processed foods should also be avoided as they are a potential trigger for acne.

Apply a face pack with Fuller's earth, non plastic clay or earthy material like clay, once or twice a week as the clay has the capacity to absorb the excess oil on the face and can effectively commbat acne.

Altenatively you can use garlic juice which should be dabbed on to your facial skin and washed off after an hour. Doing this once a week could be beneficial to kill the acne causing bacteria. Sensitive skin can form a mild skin rash if the juice is left on the face for too long.

Milk cream and lemon juice in equal quantities can be mixed and applied on the face. The lactic acid and citric acid aid in lightening the scars.

(AW- Anil)

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