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Man turns criminal to bear treatment for pregnant wife

Posted: 08/07/2012 06:33 PM IST

23 year old man who had a decent life as a painter had to turn a criminal for the extra petty cash that he could use in paying for his wife's treatment. Swapnil Kamble was caught after he had presented his wife with a mobile phone that he had stolen earlier.

Ankush Lakhote and Sunil Shamukule were his associates in crime and they were also arrested after Kamble's arrest. They were accused in over 7 burglaries in Besa, Beltarodi and other juxtapose neighborhoods. Valuables worth over Rs 2 lakh were retrieved from the accused trio.
Lakhote had a previous history of over 36 cases lodged against him earlier. The trio usually target houses that were locked at night.

Kamble initially didn't play an active role serving merely as an informer to raise alarm during the thefts but later had participated along with the other two.
Senior inspector Wasudev Wandre, assistant PI Vijay Akot and detection squad in-charge sub-inspector Vinod Dighore are still working on the trio to find if there are more people involved in the case.

(AW- Anil)

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