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Pawan's family warn protests against Congnizant

Posted: 07/03/2012 11:25 PM IST | Updated: 07/03/2012 11:28 PM IST

In the most recent times, a 26-year-old techie named Pawan Kumar Anjaiah who allegedly committed suicide at a hotel in New Jersey in the US.On July 3rd a relative of him said that, the family is going to stage protest against his employer, Congnizant for not assisting them to bring back pawan's body. 

"The family members will meet company officials tomorrow along with some social organisations to request them to help bringing back the body," Pawan's brother-in-law Gopalakrishna said here.

Gopalakrishna said the firm has stuck to its earlier stand on the issue saying no further action could be taken by it to bring the body back unless they sign and return forms required by the New Jersey Medical Examiner's office for releasing the body.

During the meeting, the family would also seek reports, including autopsy and inquest from the US, as a precondition to signing the forms. "If they disagree, we will plan protest in next two days against the company for not cooperating with the family," he said.

"The company has told us to get the suicide note, laptop, investigation report ourselves from America...the company must have good contacts with the US investigation agencies.

Can't they ask them to get the suicide note and status of the investigation?" Gopalakrishna said.

He said if the family signed the documents it would mean they have accepted Pawan had murdered a woman and then committed suicide. "The company should take the responsibility since it decided to send him to the US," he said.

Meanwhile, a Cognizant spokesperson said it is trying to help Pawan's family. "The family made certain demands a few days ago and we are discussing them with our US office.

We will get back to the family with a detailed clarification," he said.

Pawan kumar who was facing charges of murdering Pennsylvania woman named Danielle Mehlman in Delaware's Dewey Beach motel on June 18.The 26-year-old who allegedly committed suicide on June 19 at a hotel in New Jersey.The death was suspected to be a overdose of dru

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