Do the right thing!

Jul 09 ,2012 17:37 PM
Do the right thing!

With cameras costing peanuts, everyone now wants to be a Steven Spielberg. The increasing number of short films on You Tube will serve as the best example to prove that every 10 out of 100 are shooting films with their digital cameras and posting them to websites. But, why is it that everyother individual is interested to try their hands at cinema in India is an interesting question but rhetorical.

Most of them who make such short films are interesting from engineering and medical background. When people from such professions make films, all one can understand is that they have been literally forced to take up the courses, which they are not interested in. If a doctor is making a film, it clearly shows that medicine is not his cup of tea. The same will be the case with an engineer or a CA if he/she comes out with films. A doctor visiting rural areas in his free time and recording the problems of the people there besides treating them would be much fruitful to him instead of teaming up with a few friends for making a short film. A doctor should have a steth in his neck, not a camera.

It's always good to have multiple interests but counsellors opine that scattered interests are always dangerous as the person would end up doing justice to nothing. If one's interested in films, he/she should take film as a study and approach film institutes like FTII instead of making such short films  and wasting their precious time, said a few educationists.

Some observers opined that today's youth wants to be in limelight by hook or by crook and for that they are choosing social media. After Orkut, it's You Tube, which is most trending and by making a 10 minutes movie and posting it on the website, one is literally hogging attention, sometimes even of the media but what he/she is apparently forgetting is that such movies would not be helpful to their career at any cost. A doctor cannot obviously include 'received 100000 likes on You Tube for my video,' on his resume. So, its advisable not to get deviated from the path just for the craze.

(AW Phani)

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