Sizzling hot Sunny's hot video gets million hits

Jul 04 ,2012 16:41 PM
Sizzling hot Sunny's hot video gets million hits

“Beauty lies in the eyes of beholder,” this famous quote seems to be so true! Beauty doesn't lie in the beefy body of a woman nor in her rosy cheeks nor the curvy body. It obviously lies in your eyes.  The case seems to be same with Sunny Leone. People might have seen her hidden curves and heard her sweet moans n number of times on several websites but they are still going crazy looking at wrapped Leone. This is no speculation guys! If you don't believe, take a look at the Jism 2 song, which was released on Internet recently. The song has got 110,189 hits and the credit obviously goes to Vivid girl.


Abhi Abhi song was uploaded on Internet by director Pooja Bhatt and it received n number of hit within hours. In fact, Pooja Bhatt has to be hailed for her bold step. Bringing someone, who was seen before without a thread, and casting her as heroine in India with clothes on was obviously a hard task. In fact, we have witnessed earlier that actresses fame apparently dropped the moment their MMSes became viral on Internet. But, Sunny Leone proved that the hypothesis was wrong.


Beauty of mind is what matters and Sunny Leone presumably has that spark in her. Otherwise, a porn star wouldn't receive so much of response. There were B grade actresses in South India who appeared in supporting roles in mainstream cinema but they couldn't drag the attention of the people like Sunny Leone.

AW Phani

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