Jul 04 ,2012 11:20 AM

Self claimed God-man Swamy Nithyananda is a famous personality with wide base of devotees across the globe. There must be something behind this God-man, to have such a massive following in the country too. His main ashram ‘Dyanapeetam’  is at Bidadi, about 30 km from Bangalore. And recently he was annointed as the 293rd pontiff of the Madurai Adheenam, of course many members of the centuries-old adheenam have opposed the annointment. The God-man is into many controversies since a long time. An alleged video was flashed across the media channels, 2010, which started a row of allegations of obscene scandal against Nithyananda.


Then later a long time inmate of the ashram claimed to be sexually abused for sometime. Many women also claimed to have been abused. Recently a petition was filed by M Solaikannan against Nityananda. The petition claims that the Theertham (holy Water) served by the Swamy is mixed with drugs. Amidst all these controversies the God-man has left Bidadi and has taken shelter at the Madurai Adheenam.

But the latest issue that shall marr the global image of the ashram occured on Tuesday in California. A court in the US has claimed that there are wide discrepancies occuring at the Nityananda Ashram in California. As per the accusations the ashram trust has cheated gullible public, basically Indians settled in the US. The court has taken into custody the ashram in-charge Nitya Gopala Nanda alias Gopal Chinna Reddy and is to pronouce its verdict on him on the 19th of this month.

It may be noted Mr Gopal had earlier been accused of misusing asharm funds in 2010. but the present case involves misuse of huge funds donated by NRI's to the ashram. One such donators Mafatlal Chawla had complained that the ashram was conducting obscene events.  He also requested the court to get back his donation given to the ashram, which has not served his purpose. In continuation to the complaint the court ordered the ashram to repay 1.6 Bn USD.
Added to this the ashram in-charge, confessed that the ashram had got into many non-disclosure agreements with its devotees to perform tantric obscene rituals. This will again add to the woos of the self claimed God-man.

Time and again such clever swamys are having a free hand at the gullible folks. Are they to be blamed or, are we, ask sources. Inspite of 3 Cr Gods and Deities according to Hindu Mythology, man's thirst for divinity seems to be endless. This is evident from the fact that numerous Swamiji's and Baba's thriving in this nation of billions. Well there are many genuine philosophical people and so are the spoofs. (With inputs from internet- AW AarKay)

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