Road side debris becoming a pain in the neck!

Jul 03 ,2012 13:15 PM
Road side debris becoming a pain in the neck!

Bangaloreans are facing acute problems due to road widening across the city. The debris, which is dumped on the roads is said to be adding fuel to the fire. A walk down the lane under lush green trees was a measure to beat the stress yesterday and today it's nothing less than a nightmare. The road widening works is confusing not just the traffic but even the pedestrians. Footpaths are many areas were crushed as a part of road widening and pedestrians have to now walk on slush roads making sure that they don't get hit by the two wheelers from behind.

Rain has become another pain in the neck of Bangaloreans. The heavy downpour is bring the slush on to roads. On top of it, electricity supply companies are digging the roads for laying down cables and the debris is been dumped by the side of the road, which is turning into slush due to rain. The people in Bangalore are apparently expressing their pain on social networking websites. The government should ensure that Bangalore, which stood as an example for beauty and peace, must not lose its charm.

AW Phani

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