Petrol Cut Down by Rs 2.42/Litre, Diesel by Rs 2.25/Litre 100%/100% 316

Petrol Cut Down by Rs 2.42/Litre, Diesel by Rs 2.25/Litre

Posted: 01/17/2015 01:52 PM IST

Petrol and diesel prices have been cut down on Friday, as the international oil prices slide down to nearly six-year lows. Petrol price was cut by Rs 2.42 per litre, while the diesel price is also come down by Rs 2.25 per litre. It was the ninth consecutive cut down in petrol prices since August, and the fifth straight cut in diesel since October.

However, petrol and diesel prices were last cut down by Rs 2 per litre each on December 15. Earlier, the government has increased excise duty on petrol and diesel by Rs 2 per litre each again. It was the fourth excise duty raised since November, which it will help raise additional revenue during the three months of the current fiscal year.

Petrol Cut Down by Rs 2.42/Litre, Diesel by Rs 2.25/LitreIn Delhi, petrol is going to cost Rs 58.91 a litre, the lowest in 44 months, compared to Rs 61.33 a litre now. Similarly, diesel will be cost Rs 48.26 a litre in Delhi, the lowest since April 2013, as against Rs 50.51 currently.

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